Star Gladiator Day

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Star Gladiator days are a complex things that everyone whant to understand but it's difficult.

Here is a clear explanation of this behavior

To Start, you need to know day's value is range between 1-365 (366 in leap years).

Solar's Day
Even Days
Lunar's Day
Odd Days
Stellar's Day
Days multiple of 5

But It is possible to have Lunar and Stellar day or a Sollar and Stellar day.

For Example: 55th day.

55th day of the year 55 is a multiple of 5. To get 55, you need to multiply by 5 by 11 which is odd number. So it's Lunar and Stellar Day.

It's the same calcul for Solar and Lunar days.

For Example: 40th day.

40th day of the year is a multiple of 5. To get 40, you need to multiply by 5 by 8 which is even number. So it's Solar and Stellar Day.