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You can find all player commands available in Spirit Online.
List of available commands:

You can add/remove/reset items from your list of autolooting.
Enables/disables autolooting from the killed monsters.
@autotrade / @at
Allows you to sell while offline.

Also works with Buyingstore.

Shows a list of available commands.
Create a duel session.
Accept a duel invitation.
Specify a player after the command to invite him to a duel.
Leave a duel in progress.

The duel is automatically left if you lose.

Reject a duel invitation.
@help / @h
Get help about a command.
@hominfo / @homstats
Show info about your homunculus.
Commands what your homunculus will say.
@iteminfo / @ii
Show info about the specified item.
Show your remaining jail time.
Joins a channel (e.g. #main or #trade).
Displays a message in the *Yourname message* format.
Allows you to memorize a Warp Portal by paying a Blue Gemstone.
@mobinfo / @mi
Show info about the specified monster.
Auto-rejects invites and deals.
Prevents players from damaging mobs who hit you or were hit by you.

Doesn't work on MvP monsters.

Changes the party share settings.

Doesn't work for Exp share.

Commands what your pet will say.
Display rates of server.
Sends a message to all the online GMs.
Displays/Hides the gained experience.
Displays/Hides the gained zeny.
@time / @servertime
Shows the current server time.
Shows how long the server has been active.
Displays where a mob spawns (regular spawn only).
Show who drops a specified item.

Custom Commands:

Displays players Buying Stores containing the specified item.
Displays players Vending stores containing the specified item.
Displays an announce for you or your party when you obtain a rare item.
Automatically rejects party/deal invitations in GvG,PvP and BG maps + chatroom.
Disable day/night cycle.
Displays or remove bubbles from Vending/Buying Store and chatroom.
Show the amount of HP/SP recovered by consumables.
Check the monsters which are on the map where you are.
Prevents being revived by a player who is not in your party.

(Prevents losing % of exp.)

Excludes specific items from Autoloot.
Disable pet message.
Prevents spamming of BA_FROSTJOKE and DC_SCREAM from other players.

Yours is kept.

Shows the gained experience per minute since login.

You can reset it to renew your session. You also have the option to pause your session with @session off.

@killcounter / @kc
Count kills by the character on target monster.

Use @killcounter help to setup correctly your counter.

@norecall / @nr
Prevents Emergency Call during WoE.
Displays the monster of the day and its bonus

e.g: Elder Willow gives 35% exp bonus. [ID: 1033]

This is a feature of Gepard Shield which looks like RCX.

You can configure your own lgp with @circles, @square or @aoes.

You can now protect your account and lend it to your friends safely (not the master account) against trades, drops on the ground, sales to NPCs, etc.

You need to setup a password before! Don't use the same password. Staff will not return lost items or zeny.

Whisper Commands:

Main chat used for the entire server.
This channel is used to request support from the community.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions there.

Use this chanel for your purchase requests or sales announcements.
Use this chanel for seeking or forming a party.
This chanel is shared between guilds and their alliances.
Use this chanel for a map-wide general chat..
Sending a Personal Message to this will open up the automatic log-in commands.

Not linked to the master account, this means that it will have to be configured on each of your accounts.