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We will only present the custom NPCs. If you wish to have information on official npc do not hesitate to ask the community or the staff.

However, if your first question is "Do you have healer, warper or deslot npc", the answer is NO.

General NPC[edit]



prt_church 106/99
Due to Adoption menu problem, this NPC allow you to adopt a char with the same requierment as the official adoption system.


prontera South-East
You can test your damage on dummy barricade!


  • Neutral: 100%
  • Water: 100%
  • Earth: 100%
  • Fire: 100%
  • Wind: 100%
  • Poison: 100%
  • Holy: 100%
  • Shadow: 100%
  • Ghost: 25%
  • Undead: 100%
  • Dead Branch Room

    prontera 245/90
    You can rent a dead branch room for an hour for 1,000,000z.

    You have the room for 60 minutes. The script doesn't care if a monster is still alive at the end of the 60 minutes.

    So pay attention, you can know the remaining time, there is an npc inside the room

    Happy Marry

    xmas_in 34/165
    - Same Sex Marriage. -

    Lutie's Church is the only place where same-sex marriage is allowed.

    Prices and requirements are the same as the traditional wedding

    Monster of the Day

    prontera 153/192
    Each day, a monster is chosen from a list and gives double experience.

    He disguises himself and takes the name of the chosen monster (More infos here!).

    You can use @motd to know the monster and the experience bonus.

    PVP & Battleground

    pontera 163/195

    And most cities available

    Warps you into battlegrounds (if available) or PvP lobby.

    We now have 3 PvP modes:

  • Champion Versus Champion (BG items allowed)
  • PvP room (BG items allowed)
  • PvP room (BG items are not allowed)
  • Reset NPC

    xmas 82/143
    You can reset your stats by paying 1,500,000z.

    After that, a 14 day cooldown is applied to your character.

    Event NPC[edit]

    Circus Manager

    prontera 144/281
    - Auto Event. - Start at 2 a.m. & 2 p.m. (Server time)

    He mainly takes care of registrations for the Tarot Card of Fate event. When Registration is open, an announce is displayed on your screen.

    You have 3 minutes to register. After that, you will have to wait for the next registrations.

    You will be teleported to another map as soon as you register, of course you will be able to unregister.
    The event consists of 3 rounds, there will be 1 winner per round.
    The winner will receive an Event Box.

    Find The Poring

    prontera 142/228
    - Auto Event. - Start at 8a.m. & 8 p.m. (Server time)

    Gives the location of the Find The Poring event. It is a mix between the Poring Search event and Find the Mushroom event.

    A town among Alberta, Aldebaran, Amatsu, Ayothaya, Geffen, Gonryun, Hugel, Izlude, Payon, Prontera, Rachel or Lutie is chosen at random and will be announced. Your objective is to find the real Poring in the selected city.

    There will be mistakes in the names of the Poring, only one Poring has the correct spelling. So you have to find this one to win.


    The winner will receive an Event Box.

    Floating Rate

    prontera 123/209
    - Community Event.

    By paying 25 million zeny in total, the community can activate floating rates. They will be active for 48 hours and a cooldown of 14 days will be applied at the end of floating rates.

    The event starts from the 25 Million zeny donated. Rate 9 maximum.


    prontera 142/228
    - Auto Event. - Start at 5a.m. & 5 p.m. (Server time)

    Warp you to the Safety Wall event. You have to go in one of them before the end of the timer. Else you die.

    The winner will receive an Event Box.

    Quest NPC[edit]

    Cart Tuner Gajo

    alberta_in 16/67
    Requirements to start the quest: To be a Merchant class.

    Have Change Cart skill.

    Second part of the quest:

  • 50 Log (ID: #7201)
  • 10 000 zeny
  • After that, you obtain Cart Decorate

    Purchasing Team

    alberta_in 58/52
    - This is not a custom NPC. -

    Requirements to start the quest: To be a Merchant class.

    Have Vending skill.

    10 000 zeny

    It will give you:

  • Buying Store Skill
  • 5x Buy Market Permit

  • After that, you can buy up to 50 at once. The price for one is 200z.

    Cosmetic NPC[edit]

    Adv. Stylist

    prontera 76/97
    The stylist allows you to customize your character. He has 43 hairstyles, 131 hair colors and 699 clothing colors.

    If you want to see the 699 cloth colors, click here!

    For hairstyles and clothing colors, you need:

  • 10 000 zeny

  • For hair colors, you need:

  • <img src=""></img>1 Mysterious Dyestuff (ID: #6220)
  • Alora

    prontera 81/92
    She has the ability to create a magical dyestuff. It has the power to dye your hair any color you want.

    To create it, she needs:

  • 10 Blue Herb (ID: #510)
  • 10 Green Herb (ID: #511)
  • 10 Red Herb (ID: #507)
  • 10 White Herb (ID: #509)
  • 10 Yellow Herb (ID: #508)
  • 1 Alcohol (ID: #970)
  • 1 Karvodailnirol (ID: #972)
  • 10 000 zeny
  • You obtain: 1 Mysterious Dyestuff (ID: #6220)

    Costume Trader

    payon 198/109
    You have a lot of useless cards and you think they are unsellable?

    Don't Worry, you can exchange your useless card with this NPC. 1 card = 1 Costume Point.

    You can exchange 20 Costume Points for 1 costume for the moment.


    cmd_in01 120/89
    She has the ability to change gender of your characters for 6,000,000z.

    You can find her in the house located next to the northern kafra of Comodo.

    Work only for your characters, it's not account bound.


    izlude 138/157
    You can rename your character by paying 750,000z.

    You obtain Ticket Of Identification

    This service is free of charge if you have Free Ticket For Name Change