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#1040: Elder Pixie's Moustache

Item ID 1040 For Sale No
Identifier Elder_Pixie's_Beard Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Elder Pixie's Moustache Type Etc
NPC Buy 232 Weight 1
NPC Sell 116 Weapon Level 0
Range 0 Defense 0
Slots 0 Refineable No
Attack 0 Min Equip Level None
Max Equip Level None
Equip Locations None
Equip Upper None
Equippable Jobs None
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Trade restriction None
Description A moustache shaved off an old dwarf that has somehow maintained its entire shape and form.
Weight: 1

Elder Pixie's Moustache Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Elder Pixie's Moustache Drop Chance Can be stealed Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
1121 Giearth 100% Yes 29 Demon Level 1 Earth
1838 Knocker 100% Yes 50 Demon Level 1 Earth